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Pukaar responds to Pakistan Floods by supporting Islamic Relief Fundraiser

Councillor Ruma Ali alongside Islamic Relief have organised a charity dinner to raise funds to help Pakistani families affected by floods. 

Imagine watching your entire village being submerged by deadly floods, rains and landslides. 

Such is the plight of the people of Pakistan who are currently suffering from the impact of one of the world’s deadliest climate catastrophes.

Since June 2022, torrential monsoon rains have washed away Pakistan’s beautiful farmlands, sprawling villages and the livelihoods of 33 million Pakistani people. That is almost half the population of the UK being displaced from their homes, without any food, water and shelter, exposed to a range of water-borne diseases and hazards. 

More than 2000 people have died already and 806,387 homes have been destroyed. A beautiful country has been turned into a fragile island and is on the brink of collapse. 

Recognising Pakistan’s desperate need for humanitarian aid, Pukaar News has extended its support to Councillor Ruma Ali by sponsoring a Charity Dinner organised by the Islamic Relief on the 21st of October to help raise funds for Pakistan. 

These funds would help deliver food, water, essential medical supplies and temporary shelter to affected families in Pakistan. 

Pakistan is drowning. It’s time for us to lend a helping hand.