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Pukaar Group offers a host of platforms for celebrating people and organisations

Pukaar Group is an award-winning Leicester media and publishing organisation with a wide range of services and an engaged audience across the Midlands. 

Founded by Leicester journalist and business leader Romail Gulzar, its vision from launch has been to bring together people of all backgrounds in celebration of the values and aspirations that unite us all. 

Pukaar Group is an organisation grounded in diversity and community. It celebrates such values across all of its platforms, every day. Founded in Leicester in 2010 as Pukaar News, it now provides a wide range of products and services to a customer base ranging from local SMEs to international corporate brands.

Products and services

As well as providing broadcast-quality content to some of the world’s leading media organisations, Pukaar Group offers a host of commercial media and communication products and services including:

  • A glossy quarterly magazine
  • Several established events
  • Commercial video production
  • Website and app development
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Print and digital display advertising
  • Public relations
  • Copywriting

Broadcast journalism

Pukaar News has provided broadcast-quality journalism for the BBC, Sky News, ITV and many more since its launch in 2010. Its content relating to the discovery of Richard III in 2015, the Leicester City Premier League title win of 2016 and other major events have reached a global audience in recent years. Pukaar News deliberately supports young people as they gain experience in the industry and has launched the careers of dozens of journalists.

Magazine audience

Pukaar Group has since 2012 published the glossy Pukaar Magazine. The quarterly print magazine is distributed across Leicestershire to an audience of both young and established professionals. It offers readers a mix of local human interest and community news, as well as features on fashion, travel, sport and entertainment. It reflects and celebrates its multicultural city and has a sizeable South Asian magazine audience. It has twice been a finalist at the Asian Media Awards. 

Events services

Pukaar Group has a wide Leicester events portfolio but also stages events across the wider Midlands and in North America. It founded the annual Leicester Curry Awards, National Samosa Week and the Ethnic Media Awards. These events have gone from launch to becoming major parts of Leicester’s cultural calendar. In doing so, they have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity. Guests regularly include leaders from business, politics and public services as well as the communities Pukaar serves. 

Commercial video production

Pukaar Group uses its long experience of producing broadcast-standard freelance news content for global media providers to shoot, edit and distribute commercial material. There are wide range of services, ranging from filming for corporate videos to editing packages to broadcast standard.

Digital services

The Pukaar News website has more than 200,000 page views each month and offers a flow of Leicester news and features to compliment the print magazine. Pukaar Group also provides digital development services for other organisations. As well as commercial video production, services include:

  • Website development
  • App development
  • Secure server hosting
  • Content creation
  • Social media management 

Outdoor advertising

A recent addition to Pukaar Group’s portfolio is outdoor advertising space in Leicestershire and the wider Midlands region. The organisation offers well-placed advertising spaces at prime locations, that will propel the reach of your business to a wider audience.  


If your organisation is looking to reach an engaged community audience in Leicester and Leicestershire then Pukaar Group provides a number of products and services which may be suitable for you.